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Corporate Catalog

All products, one catalog

A corporate catalog offers a structured approach to making products available to your team. Your corporate catalog can include negotiated sales plan items, formulary items, equipment, office supply products, products you can buy across all of your vendors.

Adding products to your corporate catalog is easy. Approval permissions are available for new products, or products that you simply want to approve before ordering. Corporate groups can also limit practices' access to their corporate catalog, or open access to partner vendor catalogs, the choice is yours.

While facilitating a systematic approach to supply management, helping to organize your purchasing processes and improve your inventory management process, Clixon helps your business identify formulary items, and enables you to identify which products influence your buying power. You can then leverage this valuable information to reduce costs and maximize savings.

Clixon currently hosts over 300,000 manufacturer products offered through our partner vendors. Our user-friendly platform makes it as easy as clicking search, select and add to create another item in your catalog.

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Identify formulary

Identifying your practice's or healthcare organization's formulary allows staff to readily pinpoint preferred items and items with negotiated pricing, etc. A green checkmark to identify each custom formulary item effectively streamlines the ordering process to save time and boost office efficiency.

Products from any vendor can get readily set as formulary. And, whenever searching for new products from our partner vendors, your existing contract items will display as formulary.

Identifying your formulary provides staff with the guidance needed to order the products they should be ordering. Your Clixon dashboard also displays the percentage of purchases within your formulary, plus information on the items purchased outside the formulary for the current month.

Supply Management Software for Dentists

Order Forms

Organize Ordering

Order forms offer a great organizational tool that can be fully customized to suit your exact needs. If you are not managing stock levels and allowing Clixon to prompt you for reordering, you can utilize order forms to simplify the ordering process. Furthermore, corporate groups can create order forms synced to practices to systematically organize the process.

You can assign items to an order form regardless of the vendor. Forms can also be made private or public. All formulary items on an order form have a green checkmark, along with the previous order date and quantity visible for each item.

You can create as many order forms as needed and label the forms so you understand what you are looking for each time. Order forms will guide you with the last order date & quantity for every product you order.

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Understand spend

Quickly analyze data to understand spend. Reporting displays as a group or filter to specific practices within your group.

Analytics illuminate every aspect of the inventory management process. It provides valuable information to make every step more efficient, improving inventory control and spending and driving better bottom-line results.

Supply Management Software for Health Industry


Avoid Overspending

Effortlessly know what is available in your current month’s budget. Whether looking at your dashboard or requisition, Clixon displays your available budget and pending purchases. Plus, permissions enable methods to avoid spending over budget.

Establishing a budget is the first step to getting control of your spending. Using this platform, you can track spending in various category groups and remove expenditures that don't belong in your budget. Clixon also allows you to analyze current & previous months' budgets to identify where you were within budget and where you overspent. Corporate groups can report as a group or filter to specific practices within their group.

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Expense Allocations

Understand spending

Effortlessly expense products when purchasing with preset GL Accounts and Cost Centers. Alternatively, create and assign your own cost centers. Regardless of the type of business you operate, or how much detail you are looking for, Clixon can break down your expenses and give you powerful reporting tools to understand your spending.

Integrate your GL Accounts and Cost Centers to your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and Classes to allow for seamless export/importing of approved purchases through Clixon.

Do you manage product levels on your shelf? When issuing products out of stock Clixon allows for Issue Cost Center assignments. This feature enables you to identify what products are being used in your business, where, and who is utilizing those products.

Supply Management Software for Health Industry
What Our Clients Are Saying

“Clixon has been a game changer in managing product formulary across multiple locations. Having the ability to easily change products and search for best pricing has saved a significant amount of money by streamlining the process and facilitated getting the products we need when we need them.”

Clixon Group LLC

Gentle Dentistry

“Clixon is an amazing tool to help provide a one stop show for your teams to shop and provide visibility for DSO management into spend, budgeting and inventory management. The best part of working with Clixon Group is the immediate customer service and support. They make implementing this process into your practices extremely easy. We feel like the Clixon team is part of our team. Teams, doctors, managers and support staff all have had positive experiences with Clixon.”

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Nikodem Dental

“We love Clixon, it has made our ordering process so much easier for all of our office locations, their customer service is outstanding!”

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“Clixon has helped us streamline our inventory and purchasing to become a much more efficient process and we are thrilled with the results. The team is always looking for ways to improve the software and make the users' lives easier.”

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Technics Dental Laboratory

“Clixon has saved us some much time and money with their streamlined approach to the ordering process. All of the vendors you purchase from all in one place plus budgeting, inventory tracking, and analytics. I have found it be the most stable and user friendly purchasing software on the planet. A scalable software that can fit the needs of a small practice or a multi-site multi-department organization.”

Cloud Based Supply Management Platform

Smilebuilderz LLC

“Clixon has been a game-changer for our practices. The integration with our vendors has been seamless and has offered an efficient and cost-saving opportunity to order supplies. Clixon has exceeded our expectations.”

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Mortenson Dental Partners

“Clixon has proven to be a great partner for our organization! Implementing their procurement platform has streamlined our processes and saved our team a lot of valuable time!”

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Smile Design Dentistry

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